Australian Institute of Certified Practising Trainers (AICPT)

Australian Institute of Certified Practising Trainers (AICPT) is the world only leading professional organisation for trainers recognised for their academic achievements, practical skills and knowledge and a total understanding of the training environment.
AICPT is a professional body committed to quality service, integrity, professionalism and professional development.

Our core services to members include professional trainer certification, education, training, technical support and advocacy. Staff and members work together with local and international bodies to represent the views and concerns of the profession to governments, regulators, industries, academia and the general public.

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading training practitioner professional body and best member service organisation.

Our Goal

Provide professional recognition and certification to training practitioners.

Our Values

  • Service to our customers
  • Quality in everything we do
  • Professionalism and ethics in all our actions
  • Growth and development for all our customers and staff
  • Continuous productivity improvement.

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