Certified Practising Trainers Program (CPT)


About Certified Practising Trainer (CPT) Program

Certified Practising Trainer (CPT) one off assessment program will help you take that next step in your training career and stand out from the crowd. The one off assessment conducted by the Australian Institute of Certified Practising Trainers (AICPT) provides you with skills that deliver value and respond strongly to employer demands.

CPT program focuses on your training skills and knowledge leading to professional trainer certification. It ensures you have the technical and personal effectiveness skills to take the next step in your training career.

Why complete the CPT Program?

  • gain the globally-recognised CPT designation
  • be prepared for a professional role
  • improve your professional credibility
  • specialise in your area of interest
  • receive ongoing support and training - at every stage in your career
  • enjoy the advantages of a CPT career
  • access a network of professionals
  • improve your earning potential.

The Certified Practising Trainer (CPT) issued to a successful candidate is valid for one year and can be renew annually. To maintain the Certified Practising (CPT) Trainer certification, a Certified Practising Trainer needs to pay an annual certification fee and provide evidence of Continuing Professional Development. All Certified Practising Trainer are required to undertake at least 32 hours of appropriate continuing professional development annually.