Continuous Professional Development (CPD)


Why is CPD important and how can AICPT assists me?

Effective Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a commitment to professionalism. It shows that you have taken personal responsibility for ensuring that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the challenges of an ever changing world.

Becoming a member of AICPT involves making a commitment to your ongoing professional development. In order to progress towards becoming a Certified Practising Trainer (CPT) and to maintain your annual CPT status, you need to be able to provide evidence of that commitment.

AICPT provides a range of services to support you in this process, including our wide range of CPD programs, conference, the wealth of information available through our e-magazines and newsletters, our programme of national, state and international events and our routes towards becoming a Certified Practising Trainer.

Members can also take advantage of our online CPD system, which makes it easier for you to record your CPD activities and objectives.

We recommend that you read our CPD policy , CPD FAQs and our guidance notes on good CPD practice.